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Salted Almonds 930g (u.s.a)

3,045 RS 3,945 RS

Raw Almonds 930g (u.s.a)

2,945 RS 3,885 RS

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Here Are the Best Dry Fruits Online Shop in Pakistan

A one-stop shopping destination, Mak Dry fruit store sells all kinds of Dry fruits from the valley of Pakistan. To meet our customers’ demands, we bring them authentic, genuine, and exquisite products. As a result of the quality of our products, we can demonstrate our credibility.

Mak Dry Fruits Online Pakistan Sells A Wide Variety Of Dry Fruits

Mak Dry Fruit Store was started by young, thoughtful minds who wanted to promote the dry fruits of Pakistan. It was all about bringing the world to their doorsteps! Eventually, the concept grew into the concept of bringing Pakistan to the world by creating the Brand Mak Dry fruit.

The Best Dry Fruits Available In Pakistan

Mak Dry Fruits is known for being the top seller of the Best Dry Fruits In Pakistan because it combines nutrition and taste.

Dry fruits Of the Best Quality

The dry fruits and Nuts we offer are sourced from high-quality growers, which means they are of the highest quality in terms of size, taste, and flavor. To ensure quality at every step of the process – from sourcing to delivery – we have invested in state-of-the-art cleaning and packaging facilities.

Some Of Our Famous Dry Fruits Can Be Found Here

Our Store Offers Fresh Dry Fruits from Hunza, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Providing our customers with the best freshwater-Dry fruits in Pakistan is our top priority. Gilgit-Baltistan Dry fruits are famous throughout Pakistan. They have excellent taste and texture. Our store carries them (Almonds, Pure Honey, Almond Kernel, Dry Apricots, Mulberry, Walnuts, Dry Banana, Dry Cherry, etc…) at a very reasonable price.